Get Listed


Donohoe Advisory will help your company obtain a listing on a national securities exchange. We specialize in assisting companies with the preparation of listing applications and related documentation. We can identify, address and resolve problems proactively before they become insurmountable obstacles. Further, given our familiarity with the listing rules and procedures and exchange decision-makers, we will expedite the application and listing process, enabling our clients to get listed faster and at less cost.

Why we’re qualified:

• We have an extensive understanding of NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSE Amex listing requirements, practices, and policies – both written and unwritten.
• We have excellent working relationships with the Staff at the major U.S. stock exchanges.
• We can anticipate, identify, and overcome potential obstacles relating to the listing process.
• We will help you accelerate the listing process.
• We manage listing applications efficiently and cost-effectively.